What We Do

Why Mercury?

Exposure to mercury threatens human health especially developing fetuses and young children are at a higher risk.

Who We Are?

We are multi-layered stakeholders of different disciplines conducting transdisciplinary approach research and practice in collaboration with public and private organizations for the reduction of mercury pollution.

What We Do?

Transdisciplinary approach research and practice of various studies in collaboration with different stakeholders to give an awareness of mercury intoxication as well as to co-create the sustainable innovations for reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Wellbeing & Sustainability

Let’s learn and work together for the world how we’d like to be

Although current crisis of global mercury pollution problems are still going on, many of them can be solved by working with various societal partners such as governments, companies, and citizen groups. Therefore, we all need you to take part in our mercury free society networks for contributing to the solution of global mercury problems for the well-being and sustainable development of our future generations.

It’s Cool to Be in Eco-school

Join the race to make the world a better place

For any inquiries call the hotline: +81 075-707-2344