Dental Amalgam / Dental Filling

What is dental filling?

ental procedures can be a common and social need in the modern world for all of us. Dental filling is one of the dental procedures which it avoids the life gradual loss of tooth structure.

What is Dental Amalgam or silver-mercury filling?

Dental amalgam is also known as “silver-filling” due to its appearance. Dental amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury (approximately (50%) mercury) and a metal alloy mixture of silver, copper, tin, and zinc used to fill the cavities of the teeth.

Dental Amalgam Recommendations

Although the exact health risks associated with dental amalgam are not known, dental amalgam should be avoided in the following groups, as small particles of dental amalgam may be swallowed or ingested and inhaled mercury vapors during the dental restoration process.

  • Children, especially those younger than six
  • Women who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant
  • Nursing mothers
  • People with neurological impairment or kidney dysfunction
  • People who are sensitive to mercury, silver, copper, tin, or zinc

What is the alternative method to avoid silver-mercury fillings?

Composite resin filling known as “white filling” due to its whitening appearance and durability become the popular choice for dental filling. Porcelain and zirconium are also potential replacements for silver-mercury filling.

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Each one of us suffers the consequence of environmental pollution problems since the industrial revolution. Minamata disease is one of the consequence of environmental pollutions due to the mercury poisoning.

Exposure to mercury threatens human health especially developing fetuses and young children are at a higher risk.

The awareness of mercury intoxication and the sources of contamination should be alerted in order to prevent the health and pollution problems.